2019 Conference Presentations

The SMC Journal will, as usual, feature articles based on talks from this year’s conference. For those of you who can’t wait, the following links to slides or follow-up material may be useful; we are very grateful to the presenters who have made their material available! This list may grow as further material is made available.

C. Teaching Multiples, Factors & Primes: Representations, Number Theory, Proof & Problem Solving (PDF, 1.2MB). Gerry McNally (St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School).

G. Where can maths take you? (PPTX, 6MB). Suzanne Stoppard and Louise Cullen (Dumfries and Galloway Council).

H. Taking the first steps towards teaching for mastery (PPTX, 18MB). Gillian Mathewson (Alford Academy).

K. Fractions, decimals and percentages through Number Talks (PPTX, 5.8MB). Emma Gardner (Glasgow City Council).

L. Divide and conquer! (PPTX, 4MB). Karen Oppo (Glasgow City Council).

P. Making effective use of concrete materials (3xPDF; external site). Roisin McArdle (Hillpark Secondary).

R. Why kids find learning maths hard… and what we can do to help them (PPTX, 3.7MB). Stuart Welsh (High School of Glasgow).

U. Wow, How, Now, Take a Bow (PPTX, 9MB). Chris Smith (Grange Academy).

W. Open-ended Investigations. Rob Porteous (George Watson’s College): Number Chains and Digit Wheels (PDF; external site); How Many Hula Hoops? (PDF; external site).

X. CPA Approach to teaching Maths in a hands-on workshop (PDF, 730KB). Sarah Shanks (Victoria Primary School, Falkirk).

Y. Using Microsoft Tools on Glow (OneNote; external site). Michael Allan (Glenrothes High). [If this link doesn’t work but you’re logged into Glow, try here instead.]

Z. Maths, maths, and more maths (PPTX, 21MB). Gary Lamb (St Andrew’s Academy).

BB. Complex Questions (PDF, 500KB). Chris Sangwin (University of Edinburgh).

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