The Scottish Mathematical Council held its first meeting on 25 September 1967. Initially the Council had 15 members of whom six were nominated by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, six by the Glasgow Mathematical Association and three by the Scottish Branch of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. The size of the Council has remained essentially unaltered, although members are no longer externally nominated, and the membership spans the full range of Scottish mathematical education as well as including representation from industry.


1967-73     Professor R.A. Rankin, University of Glasgow

1973-74     Professor W.D. Collins, University of Strathclyde

1974-80     Professor E.M. Patterson, University of Aberdeen

1980-84     Professor A.G. Mackie, University of Edinburgh

1984-87     Professor J. Hunter, University of Glasgow

1987-93     Professor J.M. Howie, University of St. Andrews

1993-96     Professor D.A.R. Wallace, University of Strathclyde

1996-2001 Professor A.C. McBride, University of Strathclyde

2001-06     Dr I. Anderson, University of Glasgow

2006-09     Professor T.A. Gillespie, University of Edinburgh

2009-11     Eddie Mullan

2011-14     Professor Rob Archbold, University of Aberdeen

2014-19     Dr Chris Pritchard, McLaren High School

2019-22     Mrs Carol Lyon

2022-         Dr Alan Walker

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