Does My Vote Count?

We’re very pleased indeed to publish Does My Vote Count? A Multiplicative Reasoning Project.

It’s free to download from the SMC Articles page or the link above.

This project allows pupils to explore the maths behind different systems for fairly allocating seats in an election. Topics include:

  • Proportional representation
  • The Alternative Vote system
  • The Additional Member system
  • Boundary changes and gerrymandering

It includes exercises, three longer investigations, and a case study of the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections. It should interest people who care about mathematics for citizenship, and those who want to build connections between Maths and Modern Studies or History.

Many thanks to the authors Chris Pritchard, Simon Fogiel, Brenda Harden, Phil Knight, as well as to Carol Lyon, Helen Martin, Karen Hart and Allan Duncan, for this excellent resource!

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