2021 Conference presentations

Please note: this page is now out of date. For videos as well as slides etc., please visit https://www.scottishmathematicalcouncil.org/wp1/conferences/2021-conference-videos-and-presentations/

The SMC Journal will, as usual, feature articles based on talks from this year’s conference, and we are also planning to share recordings of sessions with delegates.

For those of you who can’t wait, the following links to slides or follow-up material may be useful; we are very grateful to the presenters who have shared them with us! This list may grow as further material is made available.

Please also see the programme for the day.

Keynote. Is Teaching for Mastery Just ‘Good Teaching’? Fiona Allan.

C. Corona Conundrum Capers (PDF, 9MB). Chris Smith, Grange Academy.

D. Embedding Literacy Strategies in the Mathematics Curriculum (PDF, 1.5MB). Fiona Sloane. See also the questions for Task 1 (Word, 360KB; adapted from Teejay Book 3a, BGE Mathematics & Numeracy, Hodder Gibson) and some further resources (external link).

F. University of Edinburgh (online) Maths Circles, Open Ended Maths Problems and Wider Participation (PDF, 600KB). Francesca Iezzi, Ben Goddard, Mary O’Brien and Yanna Peixoto, University of Edinburgh. See also the Knights Problem (PDF, 200KB), the Maths Circles Resource Pack (PDF, 900KB), the slides from their pre-recorded talk (PDF, 1MB), and the recording of that talk (Zoom link).

G. Taking Numeracy and Mathematics Outdoors (PDF, 3MB). Iona Coutts and Jaclyn Andrews, Education Scotland / Foghlam Alba. See also the Numeracy and Mathematics Professional Learning Community (Glow login required) and a recording of the Maths Outdoors Webinar (Youtube, 1 hour).

H. Building Better Basics (PPT, 82MB). Sarah Leakey, Highland Council / Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd.

J. A Surprising and Fruitful Theorem (PPT, 3MB). Daniel Wolf-Root, Hutchesons GS.

K. Don’t Say That! (PPT, 7MB) Fiona Allan. See also the report by Churches & Allan (2013) (PDF, 1MB), the Influencing with Language cards (PDF, 250KB), and the list of words with two meanings (PDF, 250KB) compiled from the chat!

L. Multiple Representations: Fractions (PPT, 3MB). Roisin McArdle, St Andrew’s Academy.

M. Fractals All Around Us (PDF, 7MB). Jonathan Fraser, University of St Andrews.

N. Counting Collections (PDF, 13MB). Seonaid Cooke and Julie Brewer, Highland Council / Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd.

Q. Using DESMOS to Support Teaching N5 and Higher Maths (PPT, 800KB). Neil Tilston, Monifeith HS.

R. Teaching for Mastery: discussion (PPT, 2.5MB). Fiona Allan.

S. Conquering Place Value (PDF, 6MB). Carol Lyon, Scottish Mathematical Council.

T. Applications of Mathematics: embedding learning in global contexts from S1 to Higher (PPT, 1MB). Corinne Angier, University of Stirling.

U. Towards Progression in Fractions Knowledge and Skills (PPT, 71MB). Andy Thompson, Northern Alliance, and Sarah Leakey, Highland Council / Comhairle na Gàidhealtachd.

V. Exam-Style Questions for Higher Applications of Mathematics (PPT, 8MB). Colin McGugan, Principal Assessor for Higher Applications of Maths.

W. Teaching for Understanding: Solving Equations (PPT, 2MB). Stuart Welsh, LaSalle Education.

X. Re-emerging from Teaching Online: the lessons learned (PPT, 200KB). Tara Harper, University of Dundee.

Y. Proof by Induction in SQA Advanced Highers. Chris Sangwin, University of Edinburgh. Chris has suggested that the best place to find out more is his article with Maryam Alarfaj in the SMC Journal 2020, pp. 79-86.

AA. Teaching for Mastery: resources and materials (PPT, 15MB). Fiona Allan.

BB. Developing a Problem-Solving Approach (PDF, 2MB). Yvonne Somerville and Nanette Brotherwood, Education Scotland / Foghlam Alba.

CC. Curriculum and Task Design (PDF, 5MB; external site). Chris McGrane, Holyrood HS.

DD. Early Numeracy (PDF, 2MB). Elisabeth Kelly and Jane Cunningham, Midlothian Education.

EE. Engaging the Disengaged (PDF, 1MB). John Barton, NANAMIC.

FF. Numeracy and Maths Champions (PPT, 131MB; external link). Allistair Cruickshanks, Wallace HS.

GG. Visualising Topics in National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Using the New, Free Autograph (PPSX, 2MB). Douglas Butler and Robert Smith, LaSalle Education. See also this summary sheet (PDF, 600KB) of uses for Autograph in the Scottish curriculum.

KK. DESMOS Teacher Dashboard: An Interactive Introduction (DESMOS online presentation). Jay Teach.

LL. The Magic of Magic Squares (PDF, 100KB). Adam McBride, University of Strathclyde and freelance legend.

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