2018 Conference Presentations

The SMC Journal will, as usual, feature articles based on talks from this year’s conference. For those of you who can’t wait, the following links to slides or follow-up material may be useful; we are very grateful to the presenters who have made their material available! This list may grow as further material is made available.

Keynote. Thinking About Learning Mathematics [PPTX, external site], Stuart Welsh (@maths180).

E. It’s (Nearly) All About Area! [PPTX, 1MB], Chris Pritchard (SMC).

H. Proving… or Improving? [PDF, 560 KB], Carol Lyon (Angus Council). A video [Youtube, 13 mins] and the materials described in the talk [Google Drive folder; PDF and Publisher] are also available.

G. Low Stakes Assessments in Mathematics [Sway], Neil Tilston (Monifeith High School).

N. Effective Tasks, Instructional Sequences, and Various Other Things [PPTX, external site], Chris McGrane (Hillhead High School).

R. Cognitive Load Theory — Implications for Maths Teachers [OneNote], Michael Allan (Glenrothes High School).

T. Using Models and Images in Maths [PPTX, 11MB], Sarah Shanks (Victoria Primary School).

U. Playing with Cards: from active learning to classroom management [PPTX, external site], Kenny Drummond (Whitehill Secondary School).

Z. Contradiction and contrapositive: what is the difference? [PDF, 4MB], Chris Sangwin (University of Edinburgh).

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